With Athlete Builder you get everything you need to learn, collect data, analyze your progress and take control of your athletic goals!

Learn progressively
We have the content and tools to ensure learning never stops as an athlete, coach or athletic administrator.
Collect data
Collect and store performance, strength and learning data to produces actionable insights for athlete development.
Analyze outcomes
Quickly analyze your data and identify opportunities for athletic and personal improvement, competition, and team building.

We strive to help you build better athletes and better people with sports technology.

For organizations - build a more aligned athletic program

Youth organizations, clubs and schools use Athlete Builder to better align all sport teams; no matter their level. We provide tools for continual learning, multi-team/school accountability and advanced reporting features. We help you take control of every sport and team in your athletic program.

For sports teams - build a strong data-driven team culture

Single sport teams use Athlete Builder to help train, manage and track both athletic development and learning across the entire team. Use data to discover areas where you need to improve and hold both your athletes and coaches accountable with team analytics.

For individuals - build a better athlete, better person

Individual athletes, parents and coach educators use Athlete Builder to help improve overall athletic development while understanding the true value of sport. Our goal is to build future leaders through youth sports and show athletes how to handle critism and persevere when facing obstacles.