Our Advisors

As Athlete Builder continues to grow, our needs will change and so will the type of support we will need during different stages of our business.

The best advisors are those with whom you can build a true trusting relationship. Our advisory team has been there to support us, and we're excited about what the future entails.

Oshiomogho Atogwe
NFL Alum & Business Development

Oshiomogho ("OJ") played in the NFL for 7 years and was team captain for the St. Louis Rams. A graduate of Stanford, OJ supports our ongoing business development initiatives.

Luke Willson
NFL TE, Seattle Seahawks

Luke is a Superbowl Champion and a large part of the NFL Seattle Seawhawks offense as a Tight End. Luke is a graduate of Rice University, and is also featured in several of our lessons.

Sandra Saric
Talent and Diversity Advisor

Sandra is one of the most respected Women in Technology in Canada, and is a champion for both diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Sandra supports our community and global impact initiatives.

Harry Lumley
Co-Founder and Sales Advisor

Harry is one of the most successful highschool football coaches in Canadian history. Harry is a co-founder at Athlete Builder and supports our channel sales and grassroots adoption strategy.

Demetrious Collins
Sports Medicine Advisor

Demetrius is a Doctor of Science (ScD) in Physical Therapy and has been instrumental in advising and participating in the creation of our Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention curriculum.

Adam Bridgman
Business Development Advisor

Adam is a smart, savvy, finance-minded business professional that helps advise Athlete Builder around corporate strategy and key stakeholder relations.

Micheal Ray Garvin
Athlete Development Leader

Michael has been a tremendous asset to Athlete Builder and is featured in a majority of our stregth training and functional movement training products.

Leah Gibian
Personal Trainer/ Competitive Lifter

Leah advises Athlete Builder and is showcased in several of our tutorial videos. She is a graduate of Boston University, and holds NASM Certifications (CPT, CES, PES) and is a USAW Sports Performance Coach.

Sam Areias
Strength Training Advisor

Sam is a personal trainer and competitive lifter and played for the University of Texas from 2003-2006. He holds NASM Certifications (PES, CPT, CES) and is a USAW Sports Performance Coach.

John D. Callos
Executive Advisor

John advises CEOs and their executive teams on leadership issues relating to corporate strategy, sales and improving business results. John is also an ultra endurance athlete.

Kevin Kelsey
Strategic Advisor

Kevin's experience includes a heavy emphasis in: technology, strategy, finance, marketing, project management and operations. Kevin advises us on stategy and is a graduate of MIT.

Shane McLean
Legal Advisor

Shane is the Managing Partner of LaBarge Weinstein and provides council to Athlete Builder across a broad range of legal matters. Shane has been involved in over a billion dollars in financings and acquisitions.

Chase Clement
Production/Football Advisor

Chase stepped up to the plate to support Athlete Builder during our early-days and has been instrumental in helping us film our football product and doing all voiceovers.

Bryan Watson
Growth Advisor

Bryan is a partner at Flow Ventures and has significant experience advising startups throughout the business lifecycle and helping them grow and scale operations.

Phil Willenbrock
Team Leadership Advisor

Phil is an expert in team leadership and helping athletic programs establish a sustainable and valuable culture. Phil has provided Athlete Builder with advice and support on our team leadership curriculum.

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