Our story

It all started with a shared belief that we can improve how sports education was delivered to schools, leagues and teams. An idea that grew from notes on a napkin to an incredible journey to bring education and innovation to every athletic community in the world.

A bunch of hard working coaches, athletic administrators and engineers got together to build a sports education company for the 21st century.

We realized that within the past decade, athlete development and training has changed in many ways. But the principles that define a great athlete have not. Heart, desire, drive and determination are still key to unlocking an athlete's potential. So when we set out to create Athlete Builder, we wanted to make it powerful and easy to use while maintaining what is truly essential to athletes and coaches.

The Problem: Athlete Builder co-founder Doug Lambert, had discovered a common issue experienced by many athletes that he had coached across Texas. Year after year, scholar athletes not only seemed to lack the technical understanding of the game, but also, lacked leadership skills and discipline. Even more so, certain coaches that were responsible to train their athletes across several sports, lacked an in-depth technical understanding of the game. Sports isn't just about building skilled athletes. It's about building a team culture that allows the development of better people - even after they are no longer involved with competitive athletics.

The Aha! Moment: Over a period of several years, Doug began exhaustively compiling and researching athlete development, team leadership and coaching programs across several outstanding NCAA schools and professional training programs. With the help of our founding team, doctors, advisors and supported by Doug's own competency as an educator, we started sharing our prototype with fellow coaches, athletic administrators and athletes ... and they loved it! And better yet, it was helping them improve! The coaching staff was more aligned and better equipped to train with a broader knowledge-base and the athletes were better prepared and ready to perform at their peak when required. We started to realize that if we could build a sports education technology that drastically reduces a coach's time spent repeating training lessons and drills - we'd be on to something. With Doug's insatiable desire to be a better coach and a team to bring the technology to market - we had an opportunity to deliver the future of sports education to athletic communities everywhere.

With a bit of planning and the right founding team in place, Athlete Builder was launched. Athlete Builder is the next natural step in the evolution of Sports Education. Not just because of what it offers. But because of what it will enable coaches and players to do.

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Our Timeline

September 2014:
Athlete Builder Inc.
We started our journey towards making Athlete Builder's vision a reality. We started by validating our content for athletes and coaches to ensure the level of education we provide was desired.
October 2015:
Athlete Builder Beta
We rolled out the first version of our beta product, giving individual users the tools and content to deliver a large library of sport funadamentals and athlete development lessons to their teams.
November 2016:
Athlete Builder 2.0
After validating our product with over 50 schools we invested our focus towards building software the helps you educate, collect data, understand that data and make better decisions.
  Life at Athlete Builder

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